Our Expertise

Reason / Introduction: 

With regard to the constantly changing EU guidelines and new targets, the demands on natural areas and natural quality are changing. Executing agencies must follow the objectives of the EU and put these into account by measures in the nature areas. For these goals they can use already tried and tested but also new measures. Unfortunately, most measures are not applicable to each type of habitat or region and do not always guarantee the promised result. The chemical composition of soil and water is directly related to the present flora and indirectly to present fauna. With the objective of habitat types or endangered species high demands are placed on the environment and nature. Through the direct association of soil chemistry to present flora  the importance of the chemical composition of soil and water gets in focus.


We have experience with different habitat types such as lakes, rivers, forests, meadows, marshes and heathland in the Netherlands and Belgium. In these different habitat types different biogeochemical processes are in progress and with behalf of chemical measurements we can investigate problems in het environment and give advice how to change the environmental problems to reach your goals.